Who is Mike LaVere?

Mike LaVere Writer M.D.
Preparing to scrub in.

Student, author and aspiring surgeon. Mike LaVere graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in English and Creative Writing. After spending several years working in healthcare as an Ophthalmic technician, Mike returned to college to complete a post-baccalaureate program before applying to medical school.

Although originally interested in emergency medicine, Mike discovered a passion for surgery after working as a technician. He fell in love with the confidence, skill and precision of surgeons, and their ability to bring about immediate change in their patients. He devoted himself to learning as much as possible about the craft, and is currently working on a compilation of teachings from some of the world’s best surgeons.

While medicine has become a focal point in his life, Mike has had a strong interest in writing from an early age. He utilized his undergraduate years as an opportunity to explore his creative passion.

Mike LaVere and Naomi Fretz
Lincoln Memorial with Naomi.

For four years, Mike studied under the mentorship of Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish, as well as learning the art of memoir and nonfiction writing from Marianne Gingher. Mike credits his freshman comparative literature professor, Dr. Henry Veggian, for inspiring him to unite his interest in medicine and writing, following in the footsteps of other physician-writers such as William Carlos Williams and Oliver Sacks.

In addition to providing help for new writers and pre-medical students, Mike writes about the current state of healthcare and how it can be improved. His mission in life is to improve the quality of patient care around the world by inspiring providers to be more passionate about their work and to take pride in caring for their patients.

About this Site

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Motorcycle & the Mutt.

This website is not just about writing, medicine, or advice for pre-meds trying to get into medical school. This website is devoted to helping people discover their passion and become world-class at their pursuit. As Anthony Robbins, the world’s lead expert in peak performance has famously said,

“Success leaves clues. People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky; they’re doing something differently than everyone else does.”

No matter what your pursuit in life, the clues for being successful are out there. For more about building a successful mindset, start by reading the key to fulfilling any goal and achieving astronomical results:

Momentum: The only Measure For Success | Part Two | Part Three

Fellow authors interested in ways they can give back using their talents, please check back for updates and more information about the foundation I’m starting: Write to Cure.

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