Pre Meds

Being a pre-med is a tough bargain. Your peers are out exploring the most freedom filled, four years of their life while you’re devoted to making good grades and building an application for getting into medical school.

But it doesn’t have to be so cut and dry. You should be using your undergraduate years to explore life and all it has to offer. Find your interests that lie outside of medicine and see where they take you. No one is telling you to give up on becoming a doctor, but know that it’s okay for you to have other pursuits.

Overwhelmingly, medical schools are admitting more applicants with alternative majors and backgrounds. They are building humanities courses into the traditional, science-only curriculum. In 2015, the MCAT was revised to appeal to the social and psychological aspects of patient care that have long been underemphasized. Medicine is changing. The future doctor is one that is more well-rounded and humanistic, while still being every bit as competent.

So what does this mean for you?

Take pride in your passions! Well rounded individuals make for better doctors. They have lives outside of their career and are less susceptible to suicide and burn out. They are better prepared for the rapidly changing world of healthcare and the reforms that will surely happen in the coming decades.

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