Dave Ramsey Personal Finance

Lessons from Dave Ramsey: How to Master Your Personal Finance

“There is no secret to becoming rich because the principles are not secret.” The Most Important Financial Principle: Contentment As Ramsey puts it, we all suffer from the disease of stuff. We have been sold the idea that things bring happiness and that only through money can we find the enjoyment we crave and a sense of fulfillment. The single greatest principle for taking financial responsibility is learning contentment. It’s the lead domino that makes […]

Worst Mistake Pre-Medical Student

The Three Worst Mistakes Pre-Medical Students Make

Being a pre-med student can be just about the worst time in the life of a young doctor. You spend four years filled with the anxiety and uncertainty of ever getting into medical school. While the rest of your friends are indulging in the freedom and wild times of college, you are tucked away in the library studying for your organic chemistry exam. When others are planning all-out senior year spring breaks, you’re busy with a prep course for the MCAT. […]

Test Taking Stress

Test Taking Success: 5 Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety that Don’t Involve Studying

Megan is incredibly smart. She’s a great student. She does all of her assignments on time and aces them. She studies every night for her exams. If you ask her a question about the material she always knows the answer. You’re amazed by her intelligence. But come test day, something happens. She seems stressed. She flounders. When you say Hi to her, she mumbles a couple of words, or nervously laughs. When the exam is […]

Do Writers Need to go to School for Writing?

So you want to be a writer? You’ve had dreams of creating best-selling novels since you were a kid. Or being an award-winning journalist. Here’s the question. Do you need to go to college to become a successful writer? The short answer. No. Let me tell you my story. I went to the University of North Carolina and graduated with a degree in English and Creative Writing. I began college with a strong interest in chemistry […]

college students

The Right Reason to go to College

If you ask most people who are unhappy with their jobs why they won’t return to school to pursue their dream career, you’d overwhelmingly get one answer. Money. Most people don’t believe they can afford returning to school. They’ve got a mortgage to pay, kids to take care of, a full time job they can’t live without. Or, more than likely, they’ve become accustomed to a certain financial quality of life that they aren’t willing to part […]